For the theatrical release of Terminator Genisys we created the ultimate mission, to explore Terminator territory and get a glimpse of the movie famously based in Los Angeles; where legends are created and dreams are realised.

Skynet have a plot to destroy the world and John Connor needs help to lead the human resistance to victory. Travelling in time to Los Angeles, the winners check into their hotel before venturing out into the city to embark on a mission to defeat the terrifying Terminators.

A mere human will find it almost impossible to defeat an army of robotic Terminators without special skills, so we arranged for the winners to be trained and programmed to be as formidable as a Terminator assassin during a secret training session with the stunt professionals. Here they perfected their stunt skills so that they would be more than ready for the epic battle between man and machine.

Mikaela from Spain:

“I think IMS did its best with the prize experience, I can’t imagine a better experience!

The stunt session was a lot of fun!! And not only that, but it was so great to be able to learn a stunt choreography from a real scene of Terminator Genisys. I felt like Arnold Schwarzenegger for an hour! All the stunts had a lot of energy and they created an amazing atmosphere.

We stayed in an incredible hotel; it had an amazing location and great views. The room was really comfortable, the breakfast delicious…

The private tour was just amazing. I think the guide is so great at his job, he showed us all the important places from L.A. He was always in a nice mood and he made me feel like I was in a movie because every time we pass from a famous film location he played a song of the film. This was so great!

I just want to thank you for an amazing experience like this. This has been the best trip I’ve ever had, so thank you for making that possible! You were so well organized and had everything planned. All your choices from the hotel to the private tour were the best you could choose. So thank you so much! Everything was just perfect.

 5 days in L.A living a dream thank to IMS and Terminator Genisys. Every day was so special thanks to all the things that IMS offer andorganized for us and, of course, because of the amazing city L.A is.”