We’ve all seen how Footloose and Apollo 13 star Kevin Bacon has become the face of EE advertising, and along with George Clooney’s penchant for coffee and endless fragrance endorsements by Hollywood’s finest, the link between brand and film stars has never been out of the public eye, and for good reason. But when it comes to tie-ins with the films themselves there are the staple QSR, FMCG, and media relationships that offer a perfect brand fit with integrity and charm but more recently, there have been a spate of “unusual” partnership choices between major motion pictures and brands that take some getting used to…

Manchester United FC and Deadpool

Arguably the world’s most well-known football club, Manchester United formed an unlikely friendship with 20thCentury Fox’s red “devil” assassin Deadpool as the first in a series of clever partnership pushes. During home games at the Old Trafford stadium, Deadpool, followed by X Men: Apocalypse and Independence Day: Resurgence will be promoted, in addition to the club’s digital properties. Read the Drum article on Deadpool and Manchester United

Pizza Express and Paddington DVD

When Paddington took to the big screen, the nation once again fell in love with the lovable, accident prone Peruvian traveller. As the pint-sized bear hit the pint sized screen (okay, slightly larger than a pint but you get the point…) we were treated to a pairing or “bearing” between one of the high street giants of family dining and home to my favourite Sloppy Giuseppe – Pizza Express and the Paddington DVD release. Not an obvious link from a tone, setting or even character trait – it’s not like he is an oversized fighting turtle with a craving for something deep pan but this partnership through kids marketing agency Whipper Snapper is to be applauded.

The audience fit hit Pizza Express’ sweet spot, appealing to their key demographic, family.

Not only is it relatively rare that a big theatrical releasing title can follow up in its Home Ent window with a partner that has equal to, if not greater presence than many a cinema release partnership tie-in, but the audience fit hit Pizza Express’s sweet spot, appealing to their key demographic, family.  Children across the UK got the chance to play with Paddington puzzles and colouring in packs at the restaurant tables, all with a view to ending in a purchase of the Paddington DVD. So, on the face of it an unlikely duo, but look a little deeper and its perfect brand association due to shared audience, rather than themes and tones. Read this article on the collaboration


Turkish Airlines and Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

Arguably one of the most mystifying brand and film partnerships in terms of fit but it certainly got us talking about it in the IMS office; supported through the line, this obscure yet effective campaign.

Using the hook that Turkish Airlines is to commence flights to Gotham City and Metropolis, they were able to embrace the “versus” element that was so strongly marketing by Warner Brothers by giving users the choice of hashtags to explore in a mock destination complete with big budget TV spots that featured both Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor endorsing their respective cities.

Clever / confusing… you decide, but it has certainly got presence. Read how Turkish Airlines created their own Gotham City



Panasonic Batteries and The Angry Birds film

You can’t help but have noticed the clever Duracell campaign to support Star Wars The Force Awakens at the back end of last year. To celebrate the release of The Angry Birds Movie in the UK on 13th May, another battery provider, this time electronics powerhouse Panasonic, has joined the fun surrounding Fox’s imminent release of the now globally recognised battle between bird and pig……

Where is shared brand identity I hear you ask? Well… it’s hard to find BUT what this does have, and what will give it great stand-out, is a terrific and zeitgeist entry mechanic that uses the quirky look of the characters to prompt user generated content to pick a winner for a pyramid of prizes including a Croatian HOLIDAY. See the live campaign