Blue INC came to IMS with the job of finding the ultimate adventure weekend that would appeal to the sense of adventure of their young fashion market base for a social media competition running alongside their Officers Club brand.


Given the chance to visit Barcelona – the city that has it all – winners were treated to a whole host of adrenaline fuelled activities including an ATV tour through the Catalan countryside, Jet Ski adventure, a tandem paragliding experience and, to top it all, a sunset fly-boarding adventure over the bay. The ultimate high-octane weekend our winners will never forget!


This competition was hugely successful and generated four-five times more entrants than anticipated.


“Everything was seamless and the information IMS provided was top notch. Had no trouble with any of the activities or timings which I think is a good reflection of the organisation from IMS. A great holiday full of fun!” Paul, Ipswich 

Client Quote:

“This is not our primary brand so we wanted to test the social media to understand the level of engagement. We were very pleased with the results and it generated four-five times more entrants than anticipated. This highlights how great prizes and competitions genuinely increase customer engagement & brand interaction. We couldn’t be happier!” Brand Manager