To promote the theatrical release of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Paramount Pictures International requested a unique competition package to support 21 global media partnerships. The story follows the four brothers’ adventures as they fight evil from their home base in the New York City sewer system. Fast-paced action, special effects, and a story that audiences love – IMS were able to match key ‘kowabunga’ themes with a very special creative prize experience.


As Michelangelo would say, this is one bodacious prize: an action-packed four-night stay in the Ninja Turtles’ awesome home city, New York.

Starting their awesome adventure our winners explored the deep, dark tunnels of New York where they saw the coolest underground street art followed by a customised graffiti workshop to create their own Ninja Turtle T-shirt to take home. They also enjoyed a private skateboarding lesson and a parkour master class to tie-in key action elements of the movie.

To finish off this tailor-made prize we organised a private ninja workshop where a master Sensei welcomes our winners to his dojo (a Japanese formal training place) where they select their ninja weapon of choice to be ready for battle. Our winners were treated to an amazing five star ninja lair and enjoyed all that New York has to offer on this turtley (sorry!) awesome trip to NYC.


This completion went live across 21 global territories with a media value of over $8 million, a real success for the client their brand partners.


“I have been a Teenage Mutant Ninja fan ever since I was a kid, so the chance to go to NYC and have this amazing experience was a once in a life time! Knowing that IMS were there managing the whole trip made it so easy for me!” Chris, Winner, UK