Topman asked IMS to put together the ultimate list of fun yet engaging prizes for their key audience across the UK and US.  Their campaign aim was to drive Topman’s new line of Autumn/Winter coats and was pushed on their website as well as Social Media.  Each day, for 28 days, one lucky winner will receive a different treat that they ‘Just Can’t Do Without’. During the competition period, entrants were asked to tweet and Instagram photos of everyday things that they #justcantdowithout in the hope of being selected to win a prize!


IMS collated a list of rewards that was a mix of playful but cool. The list featured a variety of Topman vouchers and Topman coats – to push the campaign – along with a years’ supply of pizza, annual Spotify membership, cinema membership, tablets and games consoles.  This is an example of offering classic prizes alongside personal experiences to capture the attention of males aged 18-29. IMS organised daily delivery and maintained contact with the winners to enhance the momentum of the promotion!


This competition gained 40% uplift in social media interaction over its duration.


“Awesome! Thank you so much once again! It (the voucher) came today! Thanks so much for all your help!” Matthew, Brighton

Topman - Arcadia Group