IMS partnered the X Factor (UK) with the highly anticipated theatrical release of Interstellar. This truly epic movie is directed by the critically acclaimed Christopher Nolan. Enthralling, exciting, and engaging, this highly esteemed director paired with the movie man of the moment, Matthew McConaughey. The stunning special effects and captivating plotlines, complimented by spectacular dramatic performances result in a truly epic film that is sure thrill audiences of the X Factor.


We know that selecting the right media partner and content can transform a brand. Media partnerships can have an impact beyond the communications side of marketing.

All partnerships need a great idea at the heart, and a set of collaborators with complimentary motives. So IMS created a money-can’t-buy space themed holiday with two key elements.

Landing in Orlando our winners had the chance to discover the secrets of space travel from crew members before enjoying the stunning Four Seasons Hotel – a luxury family holiday with an Interstellar difference.

Their mission began with a trip to the awe-inspiring Kennedy Space Center to get a taste for the complexity and bravery of the extraordinary NASA Astronauts. They enjoyed a 2-course lunch with a bonifide spaceman to hear their personal stories and experiences before taking part in an Astronaut training day! Just like Cooper in Interstellar they were put through their paces to see what zero gravity space travel feels like! This incredible experience was as fascinating as it was intense and was certainly the closest many will ever get to experiencing outer space.

A truly unforgettable experience at the world famous Kennedy Space Center, complimented by a seven-night stay at The Four Seasons, Palm Beach!

Finishing Touch:


To add a real X Factor to element to this prize package we also gave away a brand new Mercedes Benz GLA 220 CDI 4 MATIC – a car that conquers the road with style, functionality and exhilarating technology.

From the black metallic paint, tinted windows, and alloy wheels to the twin-pipe exhaust, this car never fails to turn heads. Fitted with the latest technology including panoramic sliding roof, intelligent lighting system, sports suspension, reversing camera, and a multi-function 12-button steering wheel that presents you with all the driving information at your fingertips.

Affordable to run and complete with a 24 month service plan, the GLA 220 combines finesse with functionality.

This car sure did provide the X Factor…


This competition was a huge success, reaching over 16 million viewers and providing tangible results for media owner and partner alike.


“What a fantastic prize, I still can’t believe it! Thank you IMS and X Factor – loving my new car!” Lisa, Northern Ireland